Our Values

We believe that creating positive culture is the most important cornerstone of an enduring business. While culture is built by employees, it also extends outside the company to our dealings with customers, vendors and partners. At Elements Brands, we live by five core values that describe the things we hold dear.

Be Proactive
Being proactive means seeking out new ways to improve existing processes, thinking outside of the assignment you are currently working on, and always speaking up when you have an idea. We control our destiny by causing things to happen rather than waiting for things to happen. We expect ourselves and our peers to operate at a level of excellence and proactivity that is above the bar required at other companies.

Shared Purpose, Shared Accomplishment
We are successful as a team, we fail as a team. When one person or department wins, we all celebrate together. When someone has a challenge, we encourage each other to approach a failure the same way: “What could I have done better?” We share credit for success and take responsibility for failures as learning opportunities. We look for opportunities to catch each other doing something awesome.

Solve Problems in Repeatable Ways
At Elements Brands, we think in processes. We take the time upfront to define and write down processes for the things we do. These processes live in our internal knowledge base (Slab) and are living documents, shared with everyone internally and updated live as we get better. Once we have a process down pat, it’s easy to train others to carry it out, or even better, to use software or code to automate the task so it runs on autopilot.

Take Ownership
Taking ownership means active and enthusiastic commitment to improving Elements Brands. It means never passing the buck. We are responsible for the work we commit to do, and we drive projects forward without letting them stall. We value initiative and the ability to grab a project by the horns and see it through to successful completion. If we fail, we adopt “the iron prescription” which is to ask, “What did we learn? What did we do or fail to do that created this outcome? What can we do differently next time to improve the chances of success?” Owners care about quality and focus on building for process for the long term.

Be The Place People Want to Come Work
We all love it here. Our goal will always be to build a company that our employees are excited to work for. We believe that means creating a place where people can work on hard problems with excellent teammates, and focusing on employee development to help us all become the best versions of ourselves. We chat all the time (the random channel in Slack is the best!), socialize together, and bend over backward to make each other’s work lives better.