Our Values

We believe that creating positive culture is the most important cornerstone of an enduring business. While culture is built by employees, it also extends outside the company to our dealings with customers, vendors and partners. At Elements Brands, we live by six core values that describe the things we hold dear.

Be proactive in everything we do.

Being proactive is the single biggest differentiator between good people and great people. We control situations by causing things to happen rather than waiting for them to happen to us. We ask ourselves – “How could this be better?”

Do things others think are impossible.

We are creating a new kind of company, which means we have to break some molds. We’re going to have to think bigger. We ask ourselves – “If I absolutely had to, how could I make this happen?”

Understand our customers better than anyone else.

Because we cater to enthusiasts and niche markets, we must understand our customers more deeply than mass-market brands. We become immersed in sub-cultures and put in the effort to create brands that stand the test of time and become “cult products”. We ask ourselves “What does this customer care about?”

Solve problems in repeatable ways.

We believe our people should be doing tasks that require intuition, human interaction and problem solving. Our employees self-identify repetitive work, and we invest in the best technology to automate rote tasks. In order to automate, we must be excellent at creating processes. We ask ourselves, “Could an algorithm do this?”

Be the place people want to come to work.

When employees are brought in and feel like part of a team, they push themselves and the company beyond what is traditionally possible. We believe each employee should genuinely love their job, and actively work to make that a reality. It is a primary responsibility of managers to groom their employees and provide growth opportunities. It’s our goal that Elements Brands becomes not only the place our employees enjoy coming to work every day, but a team the very best people in the world want to join.

Shared purpose, shared accomplishment.

At Elements Brands, we’re all on the same team. That means when one teammate needs help, we all pitch in. We celebrate together because our successes are not possible without everyone’s contribution. No job is beneath anyone, and nobody ever says “that’s not my problem”. We come together to get it done.