Investment Focus

Elements Brands acquires small consumer products brands with a specific interest in the personal care and household goods sectors, though we have the ability to invest in brands across most areas of consumer products.

We are professional acquirers and our team has backgrounds in private equity, investment banking, and financial due diligence. We are able to invest in a variety of situations, including distressed and carve outs. We pride ourselves on respecting sellers, asking the right questions, and closing quickly in the right scenario. For deals that are a fit, we can close with no financing contingency in 45 days or less.

Our portfolio spans the following key sectors:

The best fits for our portfolio will have the following attributes:
• Well-branded, proprietary consumable products
• Ecommerce storefront with less than 50% of revenue from Amazon
• At least 5 years of operating history (more is better)
• Defensible position in niche market
• Track record of top and bottom line growth
• Revenue of $500,000 to $10,000,000 and Net profit of $100,000+
• Compelling consumer positioning and product fulfillment
• Sustainable point of difference built on trends, not fads
• Lasting in-market “proven-ness” based on consumer takeaway
• Ownership looking for liquidity — we do 100% buyout only

Markets and business characteristics that we avoid:
• Technology and electronics
• Fashion and apparel
• Perishable food and drink
• Products that are fads or lack consumer staying power
• Businesses with 95%+ of revenue on

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