Atomic Scout Network

We are looking to acquire e-commerce consumer products brands, and we need your help to find the next Elements Brands portfolio company.

The best deals we’ve done over the years have been those found through industry contacts, friends, former colleagues, and other referrals. The Atomic Network is a way for us to structure these introductions and share success with the people who introduce us to great companies.

Here is how the Atomic Network works:

  1. Fill out the form below to join.
  2. Schedule a 15 minute introductory call with our Director of Corporate Development, John Walsh.
  3. Find proprietary deals (not listed by a banker or broker) that fit our criteria and make a direct introduction between our team and the target’s owner/CEO.
  4. If we haven’t spoken to that company before and close the deal, Elements Brands will send you a check for $125,000.

Our expectation is that this relationship is not just one directional. We also want to help you in your career and broaden your network as well. That is why we will be hosting events (virtual and in person) and other networking opportunities exclusively for members of our Atomic Scout Network.

Looking forward to having you join as a Scout!


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Agree to Terms?

When speaking to business owners and/or their advisors as part of the Atomic Scout Program, I will not represent that I am an employee, associate, or representative of Elements Brands. I acknowledge that I do not have the legal authority to bind Elements Brands or its affiliates to contractual agreements of any kind, and will not represent to anyone that I have such authority.
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